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Contacting Me

If you wish to contact me, please first make sure that there is not a more appropriate target by examining the relevant material here for contact information. If you do write to me, my email address is readily available, but no longer published here due to the attentions of spammers. Please understand that I do not necessarily reply in a timely manner (or ever) to email from people I don't know and that it often takes me months to reply.

If you write to me, there are some rules you should follow if you want me to read your email:

  • Write in English.
  • Choose a meaningful subject header.
  • Write about one subject per message.
  • Write concisely and clearly.
  • Take care with spelling and punctuation.
  • Limit line lengths to 65 characters.
  • Limit message length; I am unlikely to read more than the first screenful (about 20 lines).
  • Use plain text; do not send Word documents or HTML.
  • Do not send attachments.
  • Be prepared for slow responses.
  • Accept the fact you might get no response.
  • You may also find some useful hints in the FAQ List

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