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Mailing Lists (now closed)

Over the years, we have run a number of mailing lists from this site—some for us and some for other organisations. The past couple of years have seen considerable changes with those lists. Some have been closed, some have been taken in-house by the organisations they serve. All have been subject to a lot of spam. The users have not seen the spam, as the lists were all moderated; but I have had to deal with it and the time has come to give that away.

Fortuitously, the last lists for external groups were moved recently and that left only my own “gjb-announce” list still operational. That list has never had much traffic, and its role can be taken over comfortably by my blog, in particular the announcements section.

What that means is: if you came here looking for a list that we used to run for some organisation you belong to, you need to go to their website for information; and if you wanted my announcements list, check the links to my blog above.

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